A required piece of tactical gear that is often overlooked when hunting, hiking, orienteering our doing other activities in the woods is eye protection. Everyone wears eye protection when shooting, but fails to wear eye protection during most other outdoor activities. It wasn't until the past decade that the armed forces required ballistic eye protection for soldiers in both combat and in training. A common catch phrase for the military is "Preserve Your Sight to Fight." Prior to the issuance of military eye protection there was many instances where someone in front of you during a night movement snagged a branch, then the branch released and slapped the trail person in the face. In most instances their eye healed quickly, but if eye protection was worn it would of never been a concern. In a tactical situation an eye injury impacts combat power and potentially mission success. A good pair of shooting glasses from Peltor or many gun manufactures cost only $15, and are comfortable and work well in any condition. If your budget allows buy a pair of Revisions Sawfly,Wiley X or Oakley military eye protection that have ballistic ratings for combat. Although more costly, I prefer military eyewear due to the wide range of interchangeable lenses, protective case and other accessories included with the frames.



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