To ensure individuals comprehend the key elements of preparedness they must first practice the topics discussed. Prior to anyone learning to run they must first learn to crawl and then walk. The Crawl, Walk, Run Methodology is used throughout the Armed Forces to reiterate that service members must understand task fundamentals and pass testing on these fundamentals prior to being allowed to perform their jobs. Everyone wants to go fire their weapons prior to mastering the fundamentals of safety and marksmanship often resulting in safety violations that could have been prevented if they practiced the basics first. By rushing the learning process and not studying the bookwork aspects of a topic you will not formalize the correct order of steps within a process or the reasons for why the steps are ordered the way they are. By not fully understanding the fundamental steps behind a task you are not going to be able to perform the task while under pressure, or be able to teach a task to someone else.  Information on this site is conveyed using the Crawl (basic information/fundamentals), then Walk (practice/rehearse), then Run (execute to outlined standards/knowledge) method to ensure users are formalizing the information to memory. Initial Blog posts are focused on providing basic skills needed to live in an austere environment with a focus on equipment and techniques required for extended field time. Crawl information will be incorporated in to later posts that will incorporate techniques, procedures, rehearsal and inspection methods that will be tailored for advanced operations in a tactical environment. 



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