Establishing "Interlocking Fields of Fire" is a technique used to guarantee individual fighting positions are able to mutually support each other and ensures all areas to the front of a defensive perimeter are covered/observed by the defenders. During defensive operations leaders assign fields of fire to individual fighting positions in order to focus a position's area of responsibility for security and for engaging threats. Leaders also make sure each position's field of fire "interlocks" or "overlaps" with each adjacent fighting position's field of fire. The attached picture displays a fire team sector sketch that depicts how each individual fighting position's field of fire interlocks with flanking positions. The provided sector sketch further defines each position's field of fire by annotating the position's left and right limit with the azimuth and the distance to an easily identifiable terrain feature. To finalize the defensive plan leaders consolidate team sector sketches in to one perimeter diagram to ensure all individual position fields of fire and team sectors of fire overlap resulting in a secure defensive position. Knowing a defensive position has valid interlocking fields of fire greatly increases defender confidence and their ability to defeat an attacking force with a minimal amount of resources. 



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