Walmart is receiving a significant amount of 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 ACP daily.  Just yesterday our local store stocked well over 2000 rounds of each caliber. The only restriction is you can purchase only 3 boxes per customer per day. When available I purchase the 100 bulk packs to continue to increase my investment holdings. As I mentioned in earlier comments, volatility in today's political environment creates a great investment opportunity for those buying and saving ammunition and weapons. Pictured are the following 100rd ammunition bulk packs I purchased at Walmart. As mentioned  in earlier posts, Walmart is one of the only vendors that have not raised prices. Any price increase is based on manufacturing raw material input costs. Thank you Walmart for continuing to provide ammunition and guns at pre-scare prices. When you find pistol ammunition for under $.40 a round or rifle ammunition for under $.60 a round buy it!
Walmart Ammunition Price Points
1. 9mm 100 round bulk pack for $25.
2. 40 S&W 100 round bulk pack for $36 ($2 dollar price increase from last month).



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